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As stated before, Canopies and tents allow for a maximum visibility in Maple Ridge  . You can display advertisements, banners, promotions and logos on any of the sides of your canopy frame and also on the roof. It also serves as a great focal point to introduce your business adding in presentation and a professional image the benefits are numerous. Whichever way you choose to display your advertisements or company messages it can be noticed by large amounts of people if used correctly. Stand out from the crowd by getting creative!

What image do you want to present to your customers? How many chances do you get to make a first impression? Custom tents give you the chance to define yourself as a first class company that is capable and professional.

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An Outdoor Canopy is an Easy Shelter Solution

Promoting any type of campaign from service to retail can become costly, no matter how you slice it. Whether you are choosing to produce rack cards, mailings or trade show stands, it is clear that marketing your product or service requires an investment. Thankfully, this is the year to make that very investment. The Federal Government has agreed to provide tax benefits to companies purchasing table top displays and trade show stands for any campaign that occurs within 2011.

Why Table Top Displays Are An Important Piece Of Any Promotional Campaign

Table top displays offer a wide range of advantages for any marketing campaign, which include creating a simplified marketing agenda, as well as providing an efficient way to give on-site presentations on any product or service. Mainly, these marketing materials are necessary for trade show stands, tents or booths. Without these materials in place, it may be hard to convey what a company is attempting to sell -- making a potential buyer hesitant to make an immediate or latter purchase.

Creating an interactive exhibit is also important in presenting your service or product in a professional yet hands-on manner. Within almost all exhibits, other sellers will already have these table top pieces in place. In staying ahead of your competition, you can enhance your company's professionalism as well as knowledge of the trade show arena.

Tax Benefits That Come With Purchasing Trade Show Stands

At the end of 2010 the government passed legislation making all new table top displays and trade show displays eligible for a tax write off now, and depreciation in the future. What does this mean for a company formulating a marketing campaign? This means that any exhibits that are placed in service for a show in 2011 can be written off for the full purchase price of those trade show displays, as can the depreciation of up to fifty percent in the future.

How Tax Benefits Translate Into More Money For Your Campaign

Although it may seem quite obvious, it is safe to say that any money that is saved via this new tax benefit can be applied directly to other avenues of your company's campaign. Perhaps professional business cards or information pamphlets emphasizing a service or product were not in this year's budget prior to understanding the financial savings this new legislation will provide. Now it is possible to take that extra cash and put it toward even more materials to market your company and products.

Table Top Displays As A Thoughtful Investment

In saving money by taking advantage of this tax benefit there is yet another reason why exhibits are a thoughtful and wise investment. Professionalism and creativity are key when attending exhibitions, and now a company can maintain professionalism and a marketing agenda while also working within their pre-determined budget.

The 2011 tax break will not only affect your marketing savvy, it can also improve your bottom line. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can develop effective exhibits to maximize marketing success.

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Now, a custom printed canopy with your colors and logos standing above the sea of white canopies advertises your presence and reinforces your brand from all over the event location at Maple Ridge British Columbia . In event marketing, this is known as “Air Power”.

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